AILA Guide to Selecting Books and Sources of Current Reviews

Guide to Selecting Books and Sources of Current Reviews

A broken flute : the Native experience in books for children .  Edited by Beverly Slapin and Doris Seale. Walnut Creek, CA : AltaMira Press ; Berkeley, CA : Oyate, 2005. A companion volume to Through Indian Eyes, this title begins with essays on specific problem areas and moves to an alphabetical section of both positive and negative reviews of specific titles. It is an essential reference work.

Through Indian Eyes / Edited by Beverly Slapin and Doris Seale. (4th ed.). Los Angeles: American Indian Studies Center, University of California. This is the fourth edition of a classic work originally published in 1987 under the title Books without bias: through Indian eyes. This hefty guide should be your bible; we cannot recommend it highly enough. Included are a list of American Indian authors and their works for young people, a selected bibliography of recommended titles, and, perhaps of most importance, a checklist complete with examples from children’s books on “how to tell the difference” between distorted depictions of Native peoples and those treating people as human beings.

How to tell the Difference: A Guide to Evaluating Childrens Books for Anti-Indian Bias / By Beverly Slapin and Doris Seale and Rosemary Gonzales. Oyate, 1996.

Native American Children’s Literature in the Classroom – An Annotated Bibliography / Joan Berman, 1998; updated 2009 – Great resource from AILA member Joan Berman.

“I” is For Inclusion: (pdf file) The Portrayal of Native Americans in Books for Young People. Program of the ALA/OLOS Subcommittee for Library Services to American Indian People. American Indian Library Association. American Indian Children’s Literature: Identifying and Celebrating the Good. Washington, D.C., June 23, 2007. Compiled by Naomi Caldwell, Gabriella Kaye, Lisa A. Mitten. Updated October 2007.