Burmese/Myanmese and Burmese/ Myanmese American

Burmese/Myanmese and Burmese/ Myanmese American

Picture Books

  • Baillie, Allan. Rebel. Illustrated by Di Wu. Sydney: Ashton Scholastic, 1993.
  • Gilliam, Sara. Ah Mu Weaves a Story. Illustrated by Kate Cosgrove. Translated by Poe Clee. Chicago: Chicago Welcomes You, 2009.
  • King, Dedie. I See the Sun in Myanmar (Burma). Illustrated by Judith Inglese. Satya House Publications, 2013.
  • Mansner, Benny and Brian Murphy. Forgotten Friends: A Sparkle Journey to the Border Between Burma and Thailand. Bath, England: Robert Frederick, 2008.

Children’s Chapter Books

  • Jackson, Dave and Neta Jackson. Imprisoned in the Golden City: Adoniram and Ann Judson (#1). Illustrated by Julian Jackson. Minneapolis, MN: Bethany House, 1993.

Young Adult Books

  • Perkins, Mitali. Bamboo People. Watertown, MA: Charlesbridge, 2010.


  • Asher, Sandy. Why Rabbit’s Nose Twitches: A Burmese Folktale for Reader’s Theater. Emeryville, CA: LeapFrog School, 2003.
  • East, Helen and Hearn Chek Chia. The White Elephant: A Burmese Folktale. Illustrated by Shan-Mei Kwan. London: MacDonald and Co., 1996.
  • Froese, Deborah. The Wise Washerman. Illustrated by Wang Kui. Winnipeg: Hyperion Press, 1996. (picture book)