Short and Long Program Models

Customize these two general program models to fit your library.  Each program will be unique to your own local groups.  The Short Program could be part of an ongoing Talk Story family literacy or storytime program at your library.  The Long Program is a larger celebration event.

Short Program

25 minute storytime, 20 minute art activity

This is a basic storytime program that encourages cultural awareness and family literacy.  Allow yourself flexibility to adapt to the preferences and attention span of your audience.  Adapt stories to fit the theme of your family literacy or storytime program.

  • Welcome song
    • If this is an ongoing Talk Story storytime, it should be the same song each time so that families can become familiar with it and sing it together outside of the library.
    • This is a simple way of saying hello to each child.
    • Make eye contact with each child and family, have fun, and engage with your voice.
  • Storytime
    • Read 2-4 books
    • Choose age appropriate books
    • Choose books that accurately represent Asian Pacific American and American Indian/Native Alaskan characters and themes
    • Books need not be multilingual to celebrate a culture
    • Images and print should be large enough to see easily from across a room
  • ActivitiesIncorporate 1-3 of the following ideas to suit your storytime theme:
    • Fingerplays, rhymes, or songs
      • Children love songs and playful words.  These activities foster print motivation when tied in with books
      • Allow adults and children of many ages to participate in intergenerational activities
    • Flannel board
      • Flannel shapes and figures allow for visual representation of stories and provide bilingual opportunities to learn vocabulary words from family members
      • After telling a flannel board story, you can invite the children play out the story that they just heard.  Re-tell the story once more, allowing the children to be the “flannel shapes”
    • Art activity
      • Provide activities that allow children to “do it themselves” along with adult support.  This is a graet way of introducting cultural crafts and traditions
  • End with a closing song
    • As with the opening song, if this is an ongoing program, use the same song each time to encourage participation and familiarity
  • Thank everyone for coming!

Long Program

 Approximately 2 hours for a “celebration” program

  • Welcome activities
    • Provide representatives to greet and guide patrons to appropriate age groups
    • Depending on the size of the event, break storytimes into appropriate age groups
    • Greeting circle for each storytime group
  • Storytime
  • Entertainment
    • This could be a professional storyteller, cultural dances, puppet shows, music, and many more ideas based on the resources in your community
  • Activities
    • Book making
    • Family Trees
    • Art activities
    • Signing up the entire family for library cards
    • etc.
  • Refreshments
  • Provide handouts that families can take with them that have suggestions of literacy activities to continue at home
  • End with a good bye song or activity to signal closing
  • Thank everyone for coming!

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