Family Storytime (Asian Pacific American Families)

This story time can be used for Mother’s Day, or a Siblings (brothers and sisters theme).

Welcome/Opening Activity:

Refer to this book for ideas:
Complete Book & CD Set of Rhymes, Songs, Poems, Fingerplays, and Chants,
by Jackie Silberg & Pam Schiller. Publisher: Gryphon House: 2006


Title: On Mother’s Lap
Author/Illustrator: Ann Herbert Scott/Glo Coalson
Publisher/Date: Clarion/1992
Comments: A boy wants to bring everything, including himself onto Mama’s lap.

Another Mother book:
My Mother’s Saris by Sandhya Rao/Nina Sabnani
Publisher North-South Books/2006
Title: Me and My Brother or Me and My Sister
Author/Illustrator: Ruth Ohi
Publisher/Date: Annick Press/2007 and Annick Press/2005
Comments: A great book to read to children with siblings. The book models how siblings don’t have to fight, but have fun together instead.

Another sibling or baby book:
Super Babies on the Move by Salina Yoon
Publisher Putnam/2009

Storytelling/Oral History:

Fingerplay: Mother & Father & Uncle John

Mother, and Father, and Uncle John,
(bounce on knees for babies, clap hands and knees for older children)

Went to town one by one.

Mother fell off,
(dip to one side)

Father fell off,
(dip to other side)

But Uncle John went on, and on, and on!
(bounce on knees, or clap hands and knees very fast)


Fingerplay(s): My Family/Family

This is mama, kind and dear/This is my mother
(Point to thumb.)

This is papa, standing near / This is my father
(point to pointer finger)

This is brother, see how tall / This is my brother tall
(point to middle finger)

This is sister, not so tall / This is my sister
(point to ring finger)

This is baby, sweet and small / This is the baby
(point to little finger)

This the family one and all! / Oh, how we love them all!
(wiggle all fingers / hug self or clasp hands)



Lullaby: Hush, Little Baby
For lyrics, see:
Song: You are my sunshine
Sing just the first verse as it appears here:
Jazzy: Use the book and sing along. If you can sing this, go for it!
Summertime (from Porgy and Bess)
By Dubose Heyward/Mike Wimmer
Publisher: Simon and Schuster/1999


Hand out blank paper and have the children draw their family
Make a picture frame


Games/Other Activities:

Refer to this book for ideas: Play with us: 100 games from around the world
By Oriol Ripoll
Publisher: Chicago Review Press/2005


Teddy Grahams made by Nabisco


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