Story Time Starter Kit

This is the Talk Story Storytime database of Asian Pacific American (API) and American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) themes.  It’s fun and easy to search for family literacy Storytime Ideas and to add a Storytime Idea using our Talk Story database and template.

Each storytime includes book suggestions and ideas for songs, crafts or other activities.  Keep in mind that these examples are just “starter kits” for your multicultural programming.

You are invited to add your book recommendations and programming suggestions to the database.  We need your help to grow!  By sharing information, we can expand the Talk Story database to represent the rich diversity of the Asian American and Pacific Islander and American Indian/Alaska Native cultures.

Remember to incorporate multicultural literature into your programming throughout the year, not just for cultural celebrations or other ethnic-themed events.  A storytime about “Gardening” could include Grace Lin’s, The Ugly Vegetables.  Joseph Bruchac’s, “Seasons of the Circle: A Native American Year” would fit nicely into a program about the seasons of the year.  Children of underrepresented backgrounds gain positive role models and confidence when they see their own cultures reflected in the books and the media they are exposed to.

You are a part of the Talk Story Storytime Database community.  Thank you for sharing your stories and sharing your culture!